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Studio Legale e Commerciale.

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Experience and innovation

“Studio Ferrari & Associati” was established in 2001 following the transformation in Professional Association of the Studio Commercialista (Accounting Firm) founded in 1965 by Dr. Nazzareno Ferrari.

In 2004, the Association expanded its scope and enlarged its offer to the public by including legal competences, becoming “Studio Legale e Commerciale” (Law and Accountancy Firm). With this new role, also thanks to an experienced team work organization, the Firm is able to identify complete solutions fit to the Client’s needs, with its high technical competences and resolute individual commitment.

Each professional has, in fact, gained specific experience and skills in complementary sectors related to each and every aspect or matter of interest for companies, institutions or individuals.

In 2010 the entry of new members enriched the offer of legal services and established the synergy of different professional skills..



Skills and Areas of Interest of Legal and Commercial Activities

Studio Ferrari & Associati guarantees assistance in the management of organizational projects, optimizing business processes and financial management systems, following the Customer at every stage, from the design to the implementation of his business.  All the activities of the Firm can also be performed on an ongoing basis.

Areas of activity:

– Company law

– Contract Law

– Banking Law

– Bankruptcy law

– Commercial law

– Navigation Law

– Family Law

– Superior Magistracies

– Tax Law

– Labor Law and Advice

– Accounting Administration

– Statutory Auditing

– Mergers and Acquisitions

– Business Management and Strategy

– Energy Law



Legal and Commercial assistance to individuals.

Ferrari & Associati is well aware of how crucial it is to have immediate availability of the professional and to build a relationship of personal trust.

This makes Ferrari & Associates particularly qualified for its legal and commercial assistance to individuals and private associations.

In the field of family law and personal rights, the Firm grants assistance for matters relating to separations, divorces, marriage conventions, the creation of assets and trusts, assignments, adoptions, interdiction, disqualification, and support administration.

With regard to tax law, we deal with personal planning, generational transitions, and international transfers.

Studio Ferrari & Associati offers the largest experience and competence in the solution of all the issues related to intestate and will successions, even in extremely complex cases.

We provide assistance and advising, including tax, about the writing and presentation of the declaration of succession, in the matter of cadastral transfers, drafting and publication of wills, transcripts, procedural and extrajudicial protection for possible inheritance divisions.

In the real estate sector, the Association is able to advice its client in the management of his entire asset assisting him in every kind of dispute, both in court and out-of-court, in the most delicate stages of the sale of real estate even in bankruptcy and litigation cases, and in the drafting of contracts.



Services for Companies, and Public and Private Organizations

Studio Ferrari & Associati counts among its clients industrial, commercial, financial, and insurance companies, banks, private and public bodies (such as Associations and Foundations; Local Authorities, Institutional Public Bodies, Health Agencies, Ministries and Central Administrations, Governmental Agencies), professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Firm assists the Client in the development of entrepreneurial projects, in the ordinary and extraordinary management of the activity offering services of organizational, administrative, accounting, tax and labor consulting, implementation, verification and evaluation of the entire corporate control system.

The Firm assists its customers also in the context of extraordinary corporate restructuring operations, such as mergers, demergers, transfers, the spin-off of company branches and acquisitions.

Within the scope of consulting the Public Administrations, the Firm includes specific professionals that have considerable experience in staff training, administrative and accounting auditing, planning and management control, organizational and individual performance assessment, initiation and reconversion of accounting systems and reorganization plans.

The long-term relationship with the Bankruptcy Section of the Court of Rome allows us to offer qualified assistance on reorganization plans, restructuring agreements, agreements, liquidations, corporate crises and representation in the creditors’ committee.

The specific knowledge of the banking and insurance sector as trustees of primary credit institutions and insurance companies, allows us to offer a valid support in the field of savings and investment securities and real estate as well as in debt collection and management of relationships with customers, agents and employees..


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